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【3月20日】【會計學院龍馬奮進——學術論壇】Limited Attention: Implications for Financial Reporting

[發表時間]:2019-03-19 [來源]:會計學院 [瀏覽次數]:

  講座人:盧近知(Jinzhi Lu)

  摘要:I develop a model to study the implications of limited attention on financial reporting. I first shed light on a fundamental trade-off between disclosing asummary versus disclosing details: although a summary contains less information about fundamentals than details, it is easier to process. Moreover, I findthat when investors' decisions are complements, reporting details together with asummary does not always dominate reporting a summary alone. The main reasonfor this surprising result is that when investors care about the decisions of others,they are induced to process details, even if doing so is very costly. By uncoveringa potential cost of reporting details, my paper contributes a novel insight into theconsequence of providing detailed information, an issue that is currently beingconsidered by the FASB in its performance disaggregation project.



  講座人簡介:盧近知,來自芝加哥大學布斯商學院(University of Chicago Booth School of Business)。